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         I thought Pourquoi Pas and I had changed a lot over the past
         eighteen months, but I now realise it was simply increased
         awareness of our multifaceted nature. Over the years, whenever
         I have been asked to stick to one path, I’ve always refused, and it
         was to reinforce this and to gain a fresh perspective on my design
         work that I founded Pourquoi Pas Lab, which is both a physical
         space and an approach to work.

         I have faced many challenges and a wide variety of requests
         in this new adventure, and developed enormously, without ever
         undermining my approach. Each design or exhibition is an excuse
         for me to create something new, and recently I have focused on
         two contrasting styles, both on paper: mists and cyanotypes.
         The mists are inspired by a book by Bruno Munari, and are small,
         dreamlike, card-on-paper worlds enclosed in frames. They are
         somewhere between art and design – comparable to artworks,
         but also akin to industrial design in their production.

         The cyanotypes, meanwhile, stem from my love of photography.
         Nowadays, in a world drowning in images, it is difficult to be
         original, so I began experimenting with cyanotype, a centuries-old
         photographic printing process that gives the final image a bright
         blue colour. With this technique I can turn any digital photograph
         into something repeatable yet unique, creating interesting
         textures, giving a photograph a more tangible feel and producing
         stimulating effects and transformations.

         Via Tito Speri 1
         20154 Milan (MI) Italy
         Tel. +39 0283552885
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