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         I always used my imagination and created things with my hands.
         An encounter with plastic and food packaging triggered a spark
         in me. After studying and working in various fields, I embarked
         upon a new phase of my life. Plastic that would otherwise go
         into landfill is transformed in my hands, cut and processed
         to resemble glass  and  ceramics.  Every  item I  make is  unique,
         designed to be worn or furnish a room. Some of my creations are
         ironic and playful, others are opulent or very simple. I combine my
         focus on the environment with aesthetic and creative objectives. I
         add a whole series of other found objects to the processed plastic,
         including faulty electrical circuits, photographic films, scraps of
         Plexiglas, beautiful buttons, fine yarns and pieces of antique
         wood. Every element is precious in my eyes, recalling memories,
         sensations and images. This is how my creations come about,
         with different inspirations every time. Salvaging materials is a
         way of recovering feelings and emotions, recalling past trips and
         people I have met.

         The names I give my pieces combine the characteristics of
         people I have met with my achievements. I often seek to evoke
         nature, and in these cases my creations can become sculptures
         to  wear, an explosion  of  shapes and  colours that  convey the
         beauty and richness of life. I want my pieces to produce joy.
         Many of my creations refer to the plant world: small leaves,
         flowers, grass, climbing plants, buds and shoots. I use a material
         that contaminates the land and oceans to refer to the beauty
         of creation, stimulating responsible reflection on how we are
         plastifying our world and how we are destroying it. The art is
         inseparable from the ethics. Each element is worked piece by
         piece, made out of numerous small parts that are individually cut,
         shaped, assembled and decorated. As a result, every single piece
         is truly unique and cannot be reproduced.

         Arezzo Italy
         Mob. +39 3924117620

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